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Request, if that's possible.

Okay, I didn't see anything in the info (which I checked several times) about this, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make a few layouts for me? (I am currently looking for two.)

I won't be using them on this journal, I'll be using them in various journals I have at GJ.
I will credit. I will link you to the journal(s) the layout is for.
Aside from the simple theme - the entire layout (with the exception of a few colors) will be open for the creator's creativity. Anything goes, make it anyway you want to make it. However, I'd like it if you'd permit me to edit it (or request that you edit it, if that makes you more comfortable.) Basically, be creative, and open-minded. Yes?

Confused? Feel free to ask questions.
Breaking some rule? Please inform me; and feel free to delete this entry.
Willing to help me out? Definitely contact me, or comment here.

I think that covers everything. The work here is great, and even though I just joined, I love it!
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